Arroyo Vista Senior Housing, Oakland, CA

Role: Prime Architect
Size: 20 units
Completion: Entitled 2008

AE3 designed this 27,000 square foot, 20-unit senior housing project located along an emerging commercial corridor. It has two stories over podium construction to elevate the residential portion above a 2,500 square foot retail space, community space and parking that utilizes lifts to incorporate 24 spaces into a small area. The living units will be an average of 895 square feet. Each unit will have a spacious living area with large view windows from each bedroom, which will include a recessed tiled balcony with metal railings. Kitchens include granite counters, stainless steel appliances and tiled floors that open onto the living area. The two corner units are slightly larger with curved walls and bay type windows. These units will also have a full dining area. The retail space could be suitable for a doctor’s office, pharmacy or more community activities. The community center space will be 1,600 square feet with a paved outdoor area. This project is proposed to be LEED Silver and was unanimously approved by the Oakland Planning Commission.