oakland international airport demolition projects, oakland, CA

Role: Prime Architect
Completion: Ongoing, Various Projects

AE3 Partners has been selected as on-call architect for Oakland International Airport projects. Its 2018 tasks include several large-scale demolition / improvement projects in active AOA areas and terminal spaces.

A major component will be to deconstruct the 300,000 sf World Airways 747 Fleet Maintenance Building.  Although an engineering marvel, the building has been without a tenant for over 20 years and much of its equipment is now obsolete, especially as 747s are now being withdrawn from nearly all domestic service and some international routes. The project will also document the nearly 11 acres of floor space within the building, create the Revit model necessary to plan its deconstruction, determine the best methodology for doing so, and build the temporary AOA fencing, right of way, and access improvements needed for its demolition. Once the structure is removed, it will create a new non-movement area and pad for future development.

The project will also remove several moving walkways in Terminal 2 which have had long-term maintenance issues and replace them with new revenue generating lounge and retail spaces. All work will take place within active passenger areas and will be planned to create zero impacts to passenger experience.

Finally, the project will also remove several abandoned buildings throughout the extensive grounds of the airport, including three Cold War Era military bunkers, within the movement area of the general aviation north field, and a disused landside FAA flight service station. Logistics, construction phasing, and airfield access will be important considerations of this project.