Sojourner Truth Manor RENOVATION, Oakland, CA

Role: Prime Architect
Size:  80 Units
Completion: 2015

Built in 1970, the Sojourner Truth Manor was one of the more prominent senior housing projects in Oakland. After forty years of service, all of the building’s systems had passed their original life expectancies and the building was due for a major overhaul. Working directly with the board, tax credit professionals, and HUD lenders, AE3 Partners worked to develop a comprehensive scope that would position the building for another 40 years of service in the 21st century. AE3 Partner was also directly involved structuring the loan financing with the lenders.

The project modernized all of the units, upgrading kitchens, bathrooms, fixtures and interior finishes. The exterior envelope received new energy efficient windows and the building’s hydronic heating system was replaced. The project also completely renovated the common areas to attract a more contemporary market. Additionally, the project scope included various site access upgrades and installation of a new security system with networked cameras and card reader access.