los angeles usd Eagle rock elementary barrier removal, los angeles, CA

Role: Prime Architect
Size: 100,000 sf
Completion: Ongoing

AE3 Partners was selected as the lead architect for this barrier removal project in 2019. Constructed in the 1920s with Mission Revival Architecture the campus is now considered historic and impact to its outward appearance are reviewed. Typical of many campuses of the era the primary building is elevated roughly 4 feet above grade to allow for a partial sublevel. As such, significant ramping is required to make the building accessible from the grade level. Working with District staff and site stakeholders, AE3 Partners developed an access plan that placed ramps at intersections between buildings (so that one ramp could serve to structures) and to minimize impact to the outward appearance of the structure.

The project also made nearly dozen restroom cores in the structure accessible by reconfiguring stalls and addressed a myriad of other issues on the Access Barrier List (ABL) including door hardware, hand rail, signage, reconfiguring auditorium seating and adding a lift, modifying drinking fountains and other miscellaneous items. Chief challenges on the project include planning the design to minimize disruption to ongoing activities and minimizing improvement to stay within the District’s budget. The project team has completed the Schematic Design submittal, the DSA submittal is anticipated for June with Construction completion by late 2020/early 2021.