County Of Los Angeles Deferred Maintenance

County Of Los Angeles Deferred Maintenance

AE3 was a key delivery partner for the County of Los Angeles (COLA) Building Assessment Program, Phase II and III which, starting in 2015 began to survey over 2000 structures in Los Angeles County, ranging from county offices, jails / detention centers, courthouses, police stations, health facilities and other county facilities. Sizes ranged from a few thousand to over 100,000 SF and included Type I, II, III and V construction. This survey was the first step in the development of a County Masterplan to determine the upgrade, replacement or other disposition of its real estate portfolio. AE3 was one of several firms retained for this program by AECOM due to its size and scale.

AE3 provided a team of five individuals (architects, MEP and structural/civil engineers) which assessed over 200 buildings of the overall portfolio. Our team completed initial surveys to triage buildings into groups ranging from minimal assessment (typically new structures) to more comprehensive assessments. In initial visits, our team led the development of as-built drawings and preliminary assessment of building systems using an iPad-based software platform to consolidate the findings. Our team completed more detail assessments in follow-up visits, determined needed repairs and remediation work, and provided an overall evaluation of the structure. The program was completed in 2019.

Locations: Various, Los Angeles, CA
Role: Key Delivery Partner / Construction Management
Dates: Completed 2019

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