Merritt College Child Development Center

Merritt College Child Development Center

AE3 is the prime architect for the Merritt College Child Care Development Center (CCDC). This innovative two-story building is set to provide a comprehensive and state-of-the-art facility. Its primary goal is to consolidate the existing Child Care program while fostering collaboration with the college's nursing, nutrition, and horticultural programs. The project envisions a building that spans 18,000 SF, heralding a new era for education and community services on campus.

The building itself is designed with careful consideration for both aesthetics and functionality. Its two-story structure comprises four ground-level classrooms accommodating 96 preschool students and 27 adult students. On the second level, four more classrooms are designed to house 120 adult students. Each of these classrooms is thoughtfully designed to provide an optimal learning environment, fostering creativity, engagement, and collaboration among students and educators.

One of the standout features of the Merritt College CCDC is its seamless integration of interior classroom environments with outdoor terraced play areas. This approach allows students to connect with nature, promoting outdoor learning experiences and physical activities. These play areas are strategically designed to be both safe and stimulating, nurturing the development of young minds and providing a refreshing space for students of all ages to unwind and explore.

Environmental sustainability is a top priority for this project. The Merritt College CCDC will be constructed to meet the stringent LEED Gold Standard, demonstrating a commitment to energy efficiency, water conservation, and sustainable building practices. Additionally, the building will comply with CalGreen Tier 2 Provisions, ensuring that it aligns with California's green building standards and regulations. By prioritizing sustainability, AE3 and Merritt College are setting a positive example for the community and promoting responsible construction practices.

Location: Oakland, CA
Role: Prime Architect
Size: 18,000 SF

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