Los Angeles Community College District Security Masterplan Regions 1 & 3

Los Angeles Community College District Security Masterplan Regions 1 & 3

AE3 is leading a multidisciplinary team to complete the Regional Access Hardware & Security Program design to address the potential of active shooter incidents on campus. The core of the project will replace the hardware on over 2,500 doors spread throughout 150 buildings on six campuses with new hardware capable of remote lock down capability, triggered by law enforcement, as well as local lock down ability so individual classrooms, offices and other spaces can be secured by users in the event of an incident.

However, as the DSA was unwilling to allow the District to waive any required modifications necessary to bring the buildings into full compliance of the last two code cycles, what started as a simple hardware program required overall assessment of campus accessibility, including path of travel, restroom cores, which led to an even larger global assessment of many of the building’s overall condition to answer the question if it made sense to invest in these older facilities instead of replacing them. These older buildings are to be fully assessed for envelope, structural and MEP systems including cost modeling of repair vs. replacement scenarios. AE3 is completing this analysis while still moving forward on the full design of necessary security upgrades, while developing a comprehensive strategy of the additional work that will be required to address all deficiencies, including the scoping of specific projects for future design teams.

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