Los Angeles Community College District, West Los Angeles College Plant Facilities + Shops Replacement

Los Angeles Community College District, West Los Angeles College Plant Facilities + Shops Replacement

AE3 is providing architectural services for a state-of-the-art replacement building for the Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations group on the West Los Angeles Campus. This project is poised to transform a dated, uncertified 1950's structure into a modern, sustainable, and efficient facility that will serve as the backbone of campus operations for years to come.

The existing, aging structure has long outlived its usefulness and no longer meets the demands of the growing campus. It currently houses various facilities shops, administrative offices, training rooms, fleet maintenance facilities, and a warehouse, but its outdated design and limited space have hindered productivity and functionality. AE3 is poised to address these challenges with a forward-looking, comprehensive approach. The new building, spanning an impressive 17,000 square feet will feature a long, linear, high-bay pre-engineered structure that faces directly into the service yard, ensuring seamless and efficient access for all campus maintenance and operations activities. To provide further utility and protection, a cantilevered overhang will extend from the building, creating a sheltered flex and staging area immediately outside the facilities shops. This outdoor space will prove invaluable for tasks that require temporary workspace or equipment storage.

In recognition of the diverse needs of the Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations group, the building's design will be multifaceted. The front section of the structure will house a set of administrative offices, training rooms, and a welcoming break area, promoting a comfortable and efficient working environment for campus personnel. Additionally, a plan-room will be incorporated, ensuring easy access to critical documents and blueprints, further streamlining operations.

The exterior of the building will showcase an attractive and modern facade, clad with a sleek metal panel system. This aesthetic choice not only adds a contemporary touch but also ensures durability and resilience to the elements. As the building faces toward the center of the campus, its design will harmonize with the surrounding environment, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the campus.

To make way for this transformative project, the existing, outdated facility will be carefully and systematically demolished, paving the way for the construction of the new structure. This phased approach will minimize disruption to ongoing campus operations while ensuring a seamless transition to the advanced facilities.

AE3 and the project team is working toward achieving LEED Gold certification, emphasizing environmentally friendly and energy-efficient design and construction practices. This dedication to sustainability aligns with the broader goals of creating a greener and more sustainable campus environment.

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Role: Prime Architect
Size: 17,000 SF

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