Moscone Convention Center Expansion

Moscone Convention Center Expansion

The Moscone Center attracts millions of visitors each year, hosting a wide range of events including conventions, trade shows, and conferences. The expansion project managed by AE3 on the client's behalf allowed for improved amenities and increased capacity, ensuring that the center remains a premier destination for events both large and small. As San Francisco continues to grow as a global business and cultural center, the Moscone Center Expansion stands as a testament to the city's commitment to providing top-notch facilities for its residents and visitors alike.

The project also included utility relocations, underground excavations, renovations of existing structures, and new above ground structures. While meeting the growing needs, these additions and renovations were carefully planned and executed to maximize both functionality and aesthetics. The utility relocations ensured a seamless integration of services, while the underground excavations provided a solid foundation for the expanded center. Renovations of existing structures preserved their historical significance while incorporating modern design elements.

The Moscone Center project was designed to meet LEED Platinum certification with a goal of making it the most environmentally sustainable convention center in North America. The AE3 team played a crucial role in achieving this ambitious goal by providing cost estimating and cost control services. Additionally, they offered supplemental services such as office engineering, project controls, and underground utility coordination/permitting. Change order review and negotiation, construction administration, and schedule review further contributed to the success of the project.

Location: San Francisco, CA
Role: Construction Management
Size: 335,000 SF

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