Patelco Credit Union - Berkeley Branch

Patelco Credit Union - Berkeley Branch

The Patelco Berkeley branch involved the renovation of the interior of a 3,546 SF tenant suite. The tenant suite is one story with a partial mezzanine in a Type V building with storefront retail. In 2015, the neighboring tenant suffered a fire which resulted in some fire damage to the Patelco suite. The existing interior improvements were demolished to make way for this rebuild.

The renovation of the Patelco Berkeley branch was a significant project that focused on transforming the interior of a 3,546 square foot tenant suite. This suite, located within a Type V building with storefront retail, presented a unique set of challenges and opportunities for revitalization. The narrative of this project not only involves the physical transformation of the space but also the context of its history and the need for a fresh start.

The tenant suite in question was a single-story space, with a partial mezzanine, which added an interesting architectural dimension to the project. The mezzanine could potentially be used for additional office space or other purposes, depending on the design and functional requirements of the new Patelco branch.

One of the key factors that contributed to the need for renovation was a fire incident in 2015 that affected a neighboring tenant. Unfortunately, this incident resulted in some fire damage to the Patelco suite as well. This event likely triggered the realization that the interior needed a comprehensive overhaul. Fire damage can have long-lasting effects on a building's structural integrity, safety, and aesthetics, making it imperative to address the damage promptly.

To kick-start the renovation process, the first step was the demolition of the existing interior improvements. This was a crucial phase, as it cleared the way for a fresh start. Demolition allowed the project team to assess the extent of the fire damage and determine what needed to be replaced or repaired. It also provided a blank canvas for the architects and designers to envision the new layout and aesthetics.

Location: Berkeley, CA
Role: Architect of Record
Size: 3,546 SF

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