Patelco Credit Union - Sacramento Branch

Patelco Credit Union - Sacramento Branch

The Patelco Credit Union Sacramento branch renovation project was an undertaking aimed at enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of the existing space. Covering an area of 2,483 square feet, this project was not just a mere renovation but a transformation that breathed new life into the branch, offering an improved experience for both customers and employees.

The first aspect of this renovation was the interior space, which underwent a series of significant changes and enhancements. The goal was to create a modern, inviting, and efficient environment that aligns with Patelco Credit Union's commitment to providing excellent financial services to its members.

One of the primary focuses of the renovation was to optimize the layout of the interior space. The existing layout may have been outdated and not as functional as desired. Walls were moved, and partitions were reconfigured to create a more open and customer-friendly layout. This open concept allowed for better traffic flow and increased visibility of services, making it easier for customers to navigate the branch.

In addition to the customer-centric improvements, the employee workspace was also reimagined. Updated workstations, ergonomic furniture, and advanced IT infrastructure were provided to enhance employee productivity and job satisfaction. A well-designed staff area helps ensure that employees can serve members efficiently and with a positive attitude.

Location: Sacramento, CA
Role: Architect of Record
Size: 2,483 SF

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