Patelco Credit Union - San Leandro Branch

Patelco Credit Union - San Leandro Branch

The San Leandro branch renovation was a project aimed at transforming the interior of a 2,280 SF tenant suite into a modern and efficient space for Patelco Credit Union. This renovation marked a pivotal moment in the credit union's efforts to enhance their brand and its member experience by providing cutting-edge financial services.The renovation process began with careful planning and design. Patelco Credit Union collaborated with a team of architects, interior designers, and construction experts to ensure that the new space would not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The goal was to create an inviting atmosphere that would make members feel welcome and comfortable while conducting their financial transactions.

One of the key considerations during the renovation was the optimization of the layout. The architects and designers worked closely to maximize the use of the available space, taking into account the need for private offices, customer service counters, waiting areas, and accessibility features. The result was an open and well-organized layout that encouraged efficient workflow and easy navigation for both staff and members. The renovation also prioritized the integration of advanced technology and security features. Modern banking requires cutting-edge digital solutions, so the branch was equipped with state-of-the-art ATMs, interactive kiosks, and secure transaction areas. The latest security systems, including surveillance cameras and access control measures, were implemented to ensure the safety of staff and members alike.

Location: San Leandro, CA
Role: Architect of Record
Size: 2,280 SF

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