PG&E Auburn Regional Business Park

PG&E Auburn Regional Business Park

As a key member of the Roebbelen design-build team, AE3 was entrusted with the roles of Program Architect and Architect of Record for PG&E's groundbreaking Auburn Regional Business Park. This endeavor marked the inception of a transformative journey, ushering in the era of next-generation service center facilities for this major utility company. The project's central objective was the seamless integration of operations previously scattered across two separate facilities, namely the Rock Creek Yard and the Auburn Service Center. To achieve this, AE3 undertook the challenge of uniting these disparate operations into a singular, state-of-the-art location.

The scope also encompassed substantial renovations to three existing buildings, each brimming with history and utility, along with the strategic development of 1.65 acres of previously raw land. This ambitious endeavor unfolded within the larger context of a 15-acre industrial/office campus nestled within the Auburn Airport Industrial Park. Perhaps one of the most remarkable feats of this project was the successful consolidation of existing operations, harmonizing the efforts of approximately 300 dedicated personnel into the new, integrated location.

Upon the project's completion, the new facility stood as a testament to AE3's commitment to excellence. It not only met the stringent requirements of current building codes but also adhered to the exacting standards set forth by PG&E Company. Moreover, it became a catalyst for enhanced business practices, fostering PG&E's safety culture, streamlining business operations, and ultimately reducing operational costs.

The project was designed to meet LEED Silver certification, a testament to the sustainable and environmentally responsible principles that underpinned its design and construction.

Location: Auburn, CA
Role: Program Architect / Architect of Record
Size: 250,000 SF

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