South Central Los Angeles Regional Center, Legacy Plaza Building

South Central Los Angeles Regional Center, Legacy Plaza Building

AE3 firm proudly served as the Prime Architect in the design of a new campus for the South Central Los Angeles Regional Center (SCLARC). SCLARC, a chartered non-profit organization, bore the responsibility of extending a helping hand to the lives of over 50,000 developmentally disabled individuals. Their vision was realized through the $25 million, 165,000 SF edifice - a remarkable achievement, as this marked SCLARC's very first ground-up construction project.

Situated amidst the urban landscape of West Adams and South Central Los Angeles, this building was the largest ground-up construction endeavor to grace these districts in over three decades. A testament to the dedication of all involved, it promised to be a symbol of hope and progress for the community it would serve.

The Legacy Building was carefully designed to cater to a myriad of needs. Besides its role as the administrative heart of SCLARC, it also harbors clinical and medical office spaces boasting over 30 examination rooms. Here, individuals could receive the specialized care and attention they deserve.

Education and empowerment were also at the forefront of this architectural marvel. The building features educational and training areas, ensuring that knowledge and skills are readily accessible to those who seeks them. A family resource center is included, providing invaluable support to families navigating the challenges of caring for their disabled loved ones. In recognition of the importance of fostering connections and collaborations, a bank of conference rooms was seamlessly integrated into the building's design. These rooms serve as meeting points for internal discussions, client consultations, and community gatherings. The project also boasts a state-of-the-art video conferencing center, facilitating communication and outreach to a wider audience.

Practicality met sustainability in the form of a 300-space, semi-subterranean parking structure, ensuring that over 300 employees had convenient access to their workplace. The structure was thoughtfully designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape, minimizing its visual impact through the use of a green screen that grows lush and verdant over time. This ingenious touch served to blend the building seamlessly with its environment, further emphasizing the beauty of the campus.

Generously landscaped terraces provide not only aesthetic beauty but also spaces for relaxation and contemplation. A grand public entry plaza welcomes visitors and staff alike, setting the stage for a warm and inviting environment. A linear park feature provides a serene place for strolls and outdoor activities, enhancing the quality of life for everyone on the campus. Another plaza added to the building's charm and serves as a gathering point for social interactions.

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Role: Primary Architect
Size: 165,000 SF

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