The Exchange

The Exchange

AE3 was the Associate Architect for The Exchange on 16th, a 997,000 SF office and retail development on Mission Bay Block 40. The project consisted of two 6-story buildings, two 12-story towers, and a 5-story parking structure. All four buildings are interconnected, enabling three of the lower floors to feature continuous 90,000 SF spaces. Each building offers high ceilings, generous natural light, and one-of-a-kind views of Downtown San Francisco and the Bay Bridge.

The buildings feature roof gardens and decks while the ground level offers retail spaces for the tenants and the public. The plazas and courtyards at street level offer open spaces for tenants and public users. Setbacks along the primary facades create opportunities for terraces, private gardens, and balconies for the building tenants. The Exchange on 16th, which was built on a 3.5 acres site is LEED Platinum certified.

Location: San Francisco, CA
Role: Associate Architect
Size: 997,000 SF

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