AE3 has recently completed the design for a new Child Development Center at Merritt College in Oakland, California.

Merritt Child Development Center Breaks Ground

Merritt Child Development Center Breaks Ground
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AE3hasrecently completed the design for a newChild Development Center at Merritt College in Oakland,California. The groundbreaking occurred earlier this year, andconstructionis underway. Our entireteam isthrilled to sharethisexcitingjourney with you all.Thisnew facilitycombines the curriculums of ChildDevelopment and Lab Practicum programsto provide a cohesive and nurturingenvironmentfor the growthand development of young minds.This project will servediverse student population atMerritt College,andwe are honored to be a part of it.MerrittCommunityCollegeis proud to have student representatives from many different regions ofOaklandand the greater East Bay.The buildingserves as an integral component of the college’s commitment tolifelong learning and serving its community.It creates a collaborative environment where children and adultscan engage in educational opportunities side by side.The college’s current Child Development Center is housed in an outdated facility that is no longer adequateto meet the needs of the community.Safety is our utmost priority and the building has been designed toensure a secure and protected environment for everyone.We recognize theimportance of outdoor play inpromoting holistic development and fostering a sense of wonder in children. The pre-schoolclassrooms aredesigned to seamlessly integrate outdoor spaces into the learning environment encouraging children toconnect with nature and engage in physical activity. The outdoor space is equipped with age-appropriateplayground equipment, safety measures, and plenty of room for the children to run, explore and developtheir gross motor skills.Our goal has been to create an inclusivelearning community through flexible and interactive classrooms thatstimulate curiosity and creativity of young minds.The new facility has been designed to provide a safe,welcoming setting that is conducive to learning and growth.Each classroom is equipped with ample naturallight, naturalmaterials finishesandoperable partitions that ensures the spaces areflexibleand adaptable tothe needs of different age groups and learning stylesOne of the primary goals of the design approach for the new Child Development Center is to create a buildingthatfits easily with the existing campus.Our architectural teamworked closely with theend usersand thecommunity to develop a design thatresonatesthe surrounding landscape while also incorporatingsustainable design principles.Construction on the new Child Development Center began in March 2023, and the AE3 teamis thrilled aboutthe immense possibilities it holds for the children and families in or community.