The College of Alameda is set to embark on an ambitious journey to revitalize its aviation sub campuslocated on two acres at Oakland International Airport.

Transforming the Skies: College of Alameda Aviation Complex Renovation Project

Transforming the Skies: College of Alameda Aviation Complex Renovation Project
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The College of Alameda is set to embark on an ambitious journey to revitalize its aviation sub campus
located on two acres at Oakland International Airport. With these updates the college is heralding a new
era for aviation students. Spearheaded by AE3 Partners, this project aims to create a state-of-the-art
facility that includes an FAA mechanics, avionic, and other support programs that will inspire and
empower students. In this blog post, we will explore the exciting details of the College of Alameda’s
Aviation Complex renovation project and delve into the innovative vision behind its transformation.

The project will renovate the interior and re-skin an existing 1970’s hangar building and replace a 1960’s
structure with a new ground-up building. The overall design will accommodate two “high bay” hangar
spaces for airframe and power plant operations, ringed by supporting modernized labs and classrooms.
The site will be reconfigured to maximize parking and aircraft storage, and AE3 negotiated a new half-
mile fire, water and sanitary sewer connection with the Port of Oakland.

Reimagining the Aviation Complex: The College of Alameda's Aviation Complex renovation project is
designed to modernize and enhance the existing infrastructure, bringing it up to par with contemporary
aviation industry standards. AE3, known for their expertise in educational and aviation projects, has
been entrusted with the task of shaping the complex's new identity.

The revitalization plan envisions an expansive facility that seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with
functional design. The project will feature two high bay hangar spaces for airframe and power plant
operations. Modernized labs and classrooms and the student collaboration spaces will encircle the work
stations for additional support. Moreover, the complex will embrace sustainable practices, incorporating
eco-friendly technologies, aligning it with the college's commitment to environmental responsibility.
Collaborative Design Process: AE3 has collaborated closely with the College of Alameda throughout the
design process, ensuring that the new Aviation Complex reflects the institution's educational objectives
and values. The architects have conducted in-depth consultations with faculty, staff, to understand their
unique requirements and aspirations.

By fostering a collaborative environment, AE3 has ensured that the renovated Aviation Complex will
facilitate interactive and engaging learning experiences. The updated infrastructure will accommodate
the latest aviation technology and promote hands-on training opportunities, bolstering students' skills
and knowledge in various aviation disciplines.

Benefits for Students and the Community: The College of Alameda's revitalized Aviation Complex will
provide students with an unparalleled educational experience. With cutting-edge facilities and
equipment at their disposal, aspiring aviation professionals will gain hands-on training that prepares
them for success in the industry. Furthermore, the renovated complex will attract industry partnerships,
creating unique opportunities for internships, mentorships, and career placements for students.
The College of Alameda Aviation Complex renovation project, led by AE3 Partners, promises to be a
transformative endeavor that will shape the future of aviation education for the students in The Bay
Area. Through collaboration, innovative design, and a focus on sustainability, the complex will empower students,

foster industry connections, and elevate the college's reputation as a leading institution in the
field of aviation. This undertaking sets the stage for a brighter future in the skies.